The Only Change is by voting for US

Hi.  My name is John Ruth and I am running for the position of President of the United States as a write-in candidate.

I am here for the working class

I’ve never had a desire to run for any type of political position but more and more I keep feeling like I couldn’t do any worse and might even fix a few things.  I feel politics has forgotten the working people in the low- and medium-income range. The people that used to be the backbone of this country.  The people that used to live proudly on their simple accomplishments. The same people that now can’t afford a home and barely the groceries anymore.  They tell you if you want change, you have to vote.  Well, if you keep getting the not so good choices then how does it change.  It seems that the parties give you their choice, not your choice.  Well, if you really wish to be heard then vote for me.  I am running as a write in candidate because it goes against the system they have set up.  And I don’t think there is some big conspiracy, I just think the system worked then but not now.  I put more blame on the Democrats and Republicans infighting than the President.  To me, no matter if President Biden or Mr. Trump win it will be the same problem.  If it is not a bill that benefits the politicians, they will fight back and forth without accomplishing much.  By electing me as a write-in candidate you will also be voting for the changes that are put forth here.  
You may not agree with everything I bring up but neither do I.  I am running based on what I hear the majority of the people say and I have no agenda other than being the spokesperson for the majority of the working people.
I feel there are things we can do to save money in one area so we can put it where it is most necessary.  As a country we should be spending our money on children and education.  Crime is getting, well it is, out of control.  The amount of money we spend fighting it is ridiculous when the result keeps costing you more money.
I have been through a lot in my 60 years.  Good and bad, up and down and I can say I’ve never done a bad thing to a good person.  I was in real estate for 30+ years, owned some small businesses and some property, have been to prison, have a child and grandchildren, was in a gang for a short period, have worked in the construction and carpentry field, and currently I am a floor manager for a Gentlemen’s club.  I feel I have seen more than most people and certainly more than politicians.  I don’t feel I have all the answers, but I have a few.  There is a lot to be said for someone who has experienced something firsthand rather than being told or having read about it. I haven’t read about crime and criminals, I was there.  I haven’t read about small businesses and the difficulties they face, I was there.  I haven’t read about the schools and the current issues facing children today, I am there. Best of all I have common sense.  The middle 70% of this country is who I am here to represent and stand for, not on.
I’ve met all kinds of people from all over the world.  Most of them feel like I do, the government does a good job with our everyday needs.  They also agree there are certain things that can be improved.
I’m not saying I am a perfect choice, but I feel I am better than the choices they are giving you.  Mainly because I listen and seek advice from those that have been there, not written a thesis on it.  And mostly because I am listening to you, the people that haven’t been represented in a long time.
I personally feel we need to fix problems in our country, make our country healthier, and then we can help the world.
I am also good at listening to people and melding ideas.  I have my personal opinions, but a politician is supposed to listen to the people and do what the majority is expecting.  From what I have seen over the past elections are politicians promising the world and then blaming others when they can’t get it done.  If it is for the good of most of the people, then there is no way it shouldn’t be done.  I feel that politicians who do not follow the will of the people should be fired.  The constituents can hold an election to fire a politician that is voting against their wishes.
The following are some of the points most people bring up and solutions to the problem.


Election 2024

Is this what we have been waiting for?  President Joesph Biden VS. former President Donald Trump.  According to the majority of people I hear from, No.  According to most of the polls, No.  This is why it it even more important to vote for me.  If you keep asking for change and you don't get it what do you do?  Sometimes you have to force change.  

According to the majority of the polls, if you have to vote for one or the other today, President Biden and Mr. Trump are about 50-50.  Ok, sounds like half the county likes President Biden and half likes Mr. Trump.  Well, not if you read the article.  Approximately 30% of those polled want President Biden and about 30% want Mr. Trump.  The other 20% were people voting for the lesser of the evils. That is 40% of the votes.  40 percent of the voters will vote for a candidate because they just don't want the other candidate to win, not because they like the one they are voting for.  Your vote does not count and certainly does not make any statement for change if you do this.  Instead of wasting a vote, make it count.  Write me in and show Washington that you want change.  If enough people write me in it will get noticed and hopefully wake someone up.  


Money for Presidential Elections
Just another thing I find strange.  A Presidential candidate can raise $1,000,000,000 (one billion) to run for office but can’t find money for a child’s education.
I would have all elections that have money raised go into a fund for the candidates to use equally.  What’s left over goes to the kids.

Who hasn’t heard about Fentanyl?  Soon after the US got a hold on the opioid crisis the Mexican cartels started to flood the US with heroin. Persons that were addicted to opioids began using heroin as a replacement. Just when that started to get out of hand the Cartels discovered Fentanyl and the poop hit the fan so to say.
Not only did they mix the Fentanyl in the heroin they began making Fentanyl pills. Our law enforcement agencies have been making some great busts catching scumbags with records amounts of Fentanyl. Many of these arrests involve Kilos of Fentanyl. A Kilo equals 2.2 pounds. At first you would think to applaud these efforts by our law enforcement. But then you see what happens when the Judicial System gets the ball handed to them.  They didn’t just drop the ball they popped it and went home.
Most of the arrests were major amounts of Fentanyl.  Multiple kilos.  Most had weapons.  As people with common sense, you would think the courts came down heavily on these drug dealers.  Nope.  Most of the sentences were in the 7-to-12-year range.  Yes, even though Fentanyl has killed too many Americans.  In 2020 there were approximately 90,000 deaths and in 2021 approximately 106,000 deaths.  So according to the Judicial system you can kill 100,000 people and get 7-12 years.  I would have judges able to be fired if they can’t side with what the majority of the people want.

Check out just a few stories:


Drug Sentencing
There will be no bail for many drug crimes.  Definitely if a weapon is involved.
For addictive drugs such as opioids, heroin and fentanyl there will be no bail.
For possession up to one (1) ounce will be either a 2 year in-house drug rehab program if the person is an addict or a 5 year minimum if they are a dealer.
For possession of 1 ounce up to 1 pound will be a minimum 20 year sentence.
For possession of 1 pound to 1 kilo(2.2 pounds) will be a minimum 40 year sentence.
For possession of 1 kilo or more will be execution.
If the criminal is in possession of a weapon add 20 years to the sentence.
Most people don’t understand the way it seems to work.  Drug dealers get arrested, get arraigned, get bailed, deal drugs, get arrested …  The definition of stupid is.  A judge is also allowed in many places to hold a defendant for up to 120 days if they are considered a danger to someone.  They are.

See prison reform for the minimum sentences.

Gangs and Organized Crime
For some reason the Supreme Court decided it is not illegal to be a gang member.  Everyone I’ve ever spoken to feels it is.
The amount of damage gangs and organized crime currently do to this country is unimaginable.  A vast amount of money is spent each year combating gangs and the crimes they commit.  If they are incarcerated, they are in with their gang and pretty much have whatever they need.

El Salvador had the right idea. Arrest them all at once and make the streets safe. Imagine the amount of crime that will disappear overnight.
I would have all the leaders and shot callers be placed in a maximum unit and have a no contact order. Leaders and shot callers will also be eligible for execution.
I would make being a criminal gang member or organized crime member illegal with a 20-year minimum sentence.

When you get the majority of the gang members off the streets you free whole areas from the grasp they had.  Neighborhoods that were once terrorized and basically held hostage by gangs and gang violence, can finally breathe.  The tens of billions of dollars that were once dedicated to fighting these gangs can finally be put to a better use.  Police in the area can become the police that protect and serve once again.

Shoplifting Gangs
Seems like looting to me.  Minimum sentence will be 20 years.  And no bail.

Prisons and Reform
Currently we spend approximately 85 billion dollars a year on prisons.
The main problem with prisons is the people that want to do the right thing and get released are mixed in with criminals that don’t care.  Pedophiles and rapists are also thrown in the mix.  Predators with prey.  How could things go wrong.  I would have a rehabilitative prison system, a prison for the pedophiles and rapists, one for lifers and ones with long sentences that want to do their time peacefully, and one for the predators.  All gang members would be in max until they renounce their previous life and want to lead a better life.
The current system allows for criminals who are guilty to go back and forth to get the lowest sentence they can.  This usually takes 12-16 months.  For many of the cases the defendant is out on bail doing whatever for that period.  Under the new system Guilty is Guilty.  I estimate that 90% of persons arrested are 100% guilty.  For these cases why are we wasting a years’ time so the defendant can get a great deal?  Because that is the current system. If you give them everything up front, what incentive do they have to rehabilitate while in prison?  The reason for having long sentences is to make them earn the time off.  For an inmate to get a sentence reduced they will go through a program that will work like the rehabilitative prison.  They will have to go so long with good behavior to get in the program.  In the program they will learn a marketable skill.  When they have sufficiently learned a skill that can provide for them on the outside and have completed any other requirements they can begin to be released.
By reducing the ability for the predators to have prey the inmates are safer, and the guards are safer.

Also by streamlining the initial system you get the defendants that are 100 percent guilty out of the way.  This allows the court system to work the way it should.  

Ghost Guns and Guns
Another thing that confuses me.  Minimum sentence 20 years plus 5 additional years per gun/part.  And it doesn’t have to be a complete gun.  Just the beginning is fine.  Having the equipment and plans to make one is the same as having one.  Committing a crime using a ghost gun will double the sentence.  No bail.  Anyone that can say that an unregistered and untraceable gun is our “right” is an idiot and shouldn’t be able to have a gun license or vote.
I feel every good person should have a gun.  I feel every good person should carry a gun.  I feel guns are for protection, feeding your family, and fun for target shooting.  However, if a gun store sells 100 high powered rifles to someone with little checking, and they end up in the wrong hands then they are 100% responsible. “ Not my business” or “not my problem” is full seizure of your store and all personal assets.

All private sales will be recorded the same as a gun store has to. All rules will be Federal and strict.  The aim isn't to restrict good decent people from owning guns, but to make it difficult or impossible for firearms to end up in the wrong hands.
The right to bear arms does not mean someone can have a cache of weapons or has the right to even have a gun.  The second amendment was written 300 years ago.  They had no idea what the world would be like today.  I would make it at least a one month waiting period to purchase a firearm.  I would also separate guns into classes of ownership.  A military weapon is a military weapon and shouldn’t be sold to the public or possessed by the public.  I used to enjoy target shooting with my AR-15 but I just don’t see it as a hunting rifle.
I am totally for good responsible people owning firearms. However, I am sick of these few idiots that think the second amendment gives them some special rights.  “Pry them from my cold dead hands”  No problem.
A Washington man was just sentenced for possessing machine gun conversion parts he made on a 3D printer.  He had sold 11 to an undercover officer.  When they searched his home, they found several more.  These are kits that turn a normal gun into a machine gun.  Sorry, can’t think of a normal reason to need this.  Can only think of nefarious things.  When he was arrested, he was in possession of an illegal firearm.  He was arraigned and released.  Yes, released.  However, his bond was revoked when counterfeit money and forged checks were found in his home.  So close to a year later he was sentenced for the 14 machine gun conversions.  20 years? 30 years?  Nope, 2 years.  Completely unreasonable.

See some stories:



Mass Shootings
Immediate execution.

Pedophiles and Rapists
Execution.  A person that will sexually assault and rape a child or another adult is not worth living in this country.  A despicable crime that does not deserve living on the taxpayers money. I almost said if it involved a child they would be executed, but the rape of an adult is no less disgusting.
See Executions below.

Nobody’s favorite subject.  I prefer to look at it as a financial responsibility to the taxpayers of this country.  Do we spend $2,000,000.00 on someone who killed a person or molested and ruined a child’s life?  Or do we spend it on teachers, the homeless, or public safety.  To me it has nothing to do with religion or politics, it has to do with the actions of the person and how as a society, where do we put our time and money. I used to be against executions until I saw the numbers and I actually met some murderers and people who had a loved one murdered. Just think how successful our schools could be with 100,000 teachers.  How safe would the prisons be for the correctional officers?

Some problems in this country exist because we don't have the finances to support the workforce necessary to fix them.  Simple things such as potholes, and complex things such as the school system.  Best case, every two murderers we support in prison takes away a job from a person that could be helping to fix these problems.  And pay taxes.
In general, a person charged with murder will cost taxpayers approximately $300,000.00 to find them guilty and sentenced.  If the murderer is 40 years old, he will live at least 30 more years in prison at a cost to you of $1,200,000.00 to 1,500,000.00.  Why do we spend a teachers yearly salary on a rapist or murderer.
Some people will say where do you draw the line.  Well, I say the line is pretty clear.  There are crimes that just make you wonder if the person who did it is even human.  There are crimes that make no sense.  There are crimes that affect so many people in such a horrible way and will not be forgotten.  The people that commit these crimes deserve no mercy and no consideration for any rehabilitation.  These people do not deserve to use tax money, money you earned by going to work and being a good person, to live and have their day in court.  They should be given the same consideration as their victims. 
There was recently a double homicide in Nashua NH.  A man waited for a woman and her friend to come out of a social setting and ambushed them as they got to their car.  Basically, he executed them both.  The killer is being charged with second degree murder.  Which means he probably won’t get life.  He took two lives, and you will pay.  Now if you look at it realistically why are you going to pay $2,000,000 for a person who took two lives?  From the evidence law enforcement collected he is 100% guilty.  There is not one piece of evidence that may show him as innocent.  Not one.  100% GUILTY.  In a case like this you will end up spending close to $500,000 to find him guilty because some lawyer says he is entitled to a fair trial.  I say fair trials go to people whose guilt is questionable.  To me trials are a place for persons who are charged with a crime, but the evidence is not 100 % like the above example.  If it is 100% then the case is over, and the suspect is executed.  And not in 10 or 20 years.  Pretty much the same or the next day.  Total cost, $10-20,000 at most.  That leaves $1,980,000 to pay for meals for the children going to school hungry in our own country.  And maybe we could also step up as good people and cover all expenses for the victims families.
While I was in prison, I had the unfortunate experience of sitting with two older men.  One was a former teacher, and one was a formers priest.  Each was found guilty of molesting over 20 children each.  They both got life.  Now most people would think they are suffering with remorse for the children’s lives they ruined.  Nope.  One actually said to me “how do you know they didn’t enjoy it and want it?”.  No remorse whatsoever.  That is what your tax money is paying for.  These molesters, rapists and murderers have no remorse.  The only remorse they have is for getting caught.
I am not looking to execute everyone that has been arrested.  Only the ones that have ruined lives and are 100% guilty.  If it’s questionable then no.
When you see the expense of the death row inmate you will see why it needs to be changed.  Inmates have spent 20+ years on death row at an expense of over $50,000.00 per year.  Some are $75,000.00 plus per year.  You are paying for all their living expenses PLUS the attorneys that keep the death sentence from happening.  And never mind if they find religion while they are being punished.
Currently there are, according to their statics, 2,331 inmates on death row and 203,865 inmates doing life for murder 1.  If you figure that 10% were innocent that would leave rounded 185,000 inmates that took a life and are doing life.  185,000 inmates that have a room, food, and are alive, living on your money.  While at least 185,000 people don’t.  At least 185,000 people that their family and friends will never have lunch with.
What does all this mean for you, a hardworking taxpayer?  A taxpayer that has a mortgage payment or rent payment.  A taxpayer that cringes every time they go to the grocery store or gas station.  A taxpayer that hasn’t taken a life. Well, it means you spend approximately 7.3 billion dollars a year on murderers.  Why, no one normal seems to know.  Instead, you can have 10,000 more correctional officers to rehabilitate those that should be, 25,000 teachers to teach our children, and 10,000 additional police and fire personnel to keep our communities safe.  And after hiring these 45,000 people you still cut almost 2 billion from the prison budget.  So, do you choose what’s good for you and your communities, or do you sacrifice a better life for children because of a small percentage of people who killed.

This is just the murderers.  

Financially, the death row inmates cost you approximately $120,000,000 a year.  The inmates doing life for murder 1 cost you approximately $7,200,000,000.  This isn't including the rapists and molesters.

Realistically I know you can't execute all the murder 1 inmates, but the numbers are what's important.  What makes more sense going forward, Murder 1 is execution.  If it is 100% guilty then it's a short but reasonable timeframe. In 2022 there were 21,156 murders in the USA.  The clearance rate is 50%. If those that were 100% guilty were executed, that would be at least 5,000 people per year we could hire, every year.


Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
Do you know how much Medicare and Medicaid fraud costs you per year?  Ten million dollars?  100 million dollars?  1 billion dollars?  Nope, an estimated $100,000,000.00, that’s 100 billion dollars. Some estimate between 50 and 100 billion.  These days I believe the 100 billion dollars range.
One indictment charged 12 individuals with 28 million dollars in healthcare fraud.  The sentences ranged from 2 to 4 years.  I would make the minimum at least 25 years.  Another individual was charged with defrauding 6.5 million dollars from the system.  18-month sentence.  Two individuals were charged with defrauding 8.5 million dollars.  One received a 4-year sentence and the other received a 1 year sentence.  These people are directly stealing your money.  Why is healthcare expensive?  They are one reason.
10 years for up to 1 million dollars, 25 years for over 1 million dollars.

Illegal Immigrants
Such a touchy subject.  There are illegal immigrants here from all over the world. Just like your forefathers. (though they all weren't illegal) Not all snuck in, some just stayed when their visa ran out.  When you see where a lot of them came from it’s no surprise they want to try for a better life here.  However, it puts a huge burden on our taxes.

And it's not just happening here. Just about every financially advanced country is dealing with immigration. England, Italy, Greece, and Ireland to name a few.

Especially over the past year or so the illegal immigration has really been taxing our finances.  I am not proposing to legalize all of them.  Many of the newer illegal immigrants are not here to work but to take advantage of our kindness.  The first phase would be to round up the gang members and the ones that are not doing what this country expects. Think El Salvador. When they are out of the way we can begin to identify the people that are here trying to better their lives and help them.  
I would propose having amnesty for those that have been here at least 2 years and have been working and doing the right thing since.  Their employers, landlords, and community will have to vouch for them. Ones that haven’t been here for 2 years, but are working, will be registered.  If they do the right thing for 2 years they will become citizens.  All illegal immigrants after this period will be deported.
You can’t complain about how illegal immigrants are causing a financial burden on this country if you aren’t willing to make the responsible ones legal and pay taxes.  They want what you want. The ones they show in the news and on social media show the worst of them. They have to go. The ones you don't see in the news because they are working and taking care of their children, they can stay.

The illegal immigrants that are here, working, taking care of their families, and wanting a better life are not the problem. They are trying.  To go further, look at the jobs they are doing. The jobs that no one else seems to do. 
A problem illegals face is they are taken advantage of financially and there is an inability to advance at work.  If they are made legal, they would get fair wages which would be taxed.  They would also be able to advance and make a better income.
The better all people can do in this country, will make this country better.
There is an immigration system. We have to get it to work the way it should or change it so it does.

I feel by deporting the illegals that are here to take advantage of the system and legalizing the ones that are here to better themselves we will save at least $500,00,000,000.00.

Right now securing the border is a big issue. I feel by the time of the election the border will be more secure.  It may need a little fixing here and there, but I think it will be much more secure than it is now. 

Just a thought, with the number of illegals estimated in the country, how would you suggest rounding them all up for deporting? I can't even imagine the cost. Amnesty saves money and makes money in the long term.

Another situation I can’t believe is happening.  Be happy with who you are but please don’t draw attention by cheating.  You are doing a huge disservice to all people.
If you were born female, you will play female sports for your lifetime.
If you were born male, you will play male sports for your lifetime.
If you have a penis, you will use a men’s restroom and locker rooms.
If you have a vagina, you will use a women’s restroom and locker rooms.
Be who you are but be realistic.
No teaching kids anything sexual until high school.  A school can privately make recommendations to the parents.  In no way can a teacher or any private individual help a child do anything without the Parents knowledge.  If the child is 12 or under it will be considered Felonious Sexual Assault.
Most people I have spoken with have no problem with any people until they start thinking they deserve special treatment.
Homosexuality and the like have been around since the beginning of time.  This is not new.  You are special and you deserve to be treated with respect.  Just like everyone else.
I personally feel more transgenders should be speaking out against other transgenders that are drawing all the negative attention.  A good amount of people won’t speak out against a group that is “different” than themselves, so they won’t be judged wrongly.  The best example is a man transgender who is now a woman playing women’s sports.  I am really perplexed as to how this was even allowed to begin with, as is everyone I have ever spoken to.  No problem with the transgender, the problem is competing against women.  Women sports are for women to compete against each other in a fair manner.  A transgender male is not fair.  And it is that simple.
I personally feel all public rest rooms, changing rooms or the like will be one sex only.  No co-ed or multi-sex rooms.
 Identifying.  For some reason people are saying they identify as ? and we for some reason have to change our ways to accommodate their fantasy.  I feel you can identify as whatever you want, but if it forces a change in the workplace, classroom, or any public environment, then the person who identifies as something can be removed. Especially in a classroom.  School is a place to learn and does not need to cater to anyone.


Safe and legal.  Another issue where I feel the safety of a person outweighs your opinion.  If only no one ever made a mistake.  I understand religious objections, but I prefer to live in reality, where the world is not perfect.  Just because someone got pregnant, it doesn't mean they are ready to be a mother and they shouldn’t be forced to.
I also wonder how many of the anti-abortion people have adopted a baby that was going to be aborted.

Why do we put our pets to sleep when they are suffering and lack a quality of life?  Because we are human and do not want to see them suffering.  However, we put humans into homes where they can suffer until they finally pass.  Many of these homes are nothing more than warehouses for people.  The overall conditions of the lower priced homes are not nice.
I feel people should have a choice about how they end their lives.  Personally, when my quality of life is gone, I would like to be also.  Enough people feel this way for it to be an issue to visit.
People who are against euthanasia should be.  It is their feeling and their opinion.  These same people should understand that a person who chooses euthanasia does so because it is their feeling and their opinion.
These homes are also another place where we spend large amounts of tax money to support.  The people that want to live regardless of their condition should be supported and those that feel it is their time should be allowed to make that decision.

Law Enforcement and Respect
Did you know law enforcement makes 30,000 arrests every day?  And how many go wrong?  And how many that went wrong was because of a lack of respect for law enforcement.  Most people know the police have a tough job and for the most part do it well.  Like every occupation you are always going to get a bad one in the group.
Indiana passed a law that bystanders must be 25 feet from the police action.  I would make this federal to cover all law enforcement.
Here is the worst example:
In the George Floydd case, the officers responded to a call from a store to investigate possible a counterfeit bill.  The officers asked Mr. Floydd to sit in their vehicle while they checked the situation.  Mr. Floydd initially complied but in my view the attitude of the crowd made him change his mind and he decided to drop to the ground and resist arrest.  This is the point that changed everything.  What happened was tragic and sad but could have and should have been prevented.  Just another case where if the police were able to do their job everyone would have gone home alive.
Too many people these days feel that law enforcement must put up with what you say or do.  I am not sure what a penalty would be but showing disrespect will be an arrestable offense.
Parents who teach their children to disrespect the police would also be charged.
I feel the number of incidents we have had over the years somehow correlate to the growing disrespect of our Law Enforcement.

When you are pulled over by law enforcement for any reason and the officer approaches you and asks for your license and registration you will comply.  Your window will be down, and you will reply with “Yes sir” and “No sir” and you will produce the documents asked for.  After the officer has done his check for his safety, they will explain why you were pulled over.  Refusing to do as asked will result in a $500.00 fine for the first request.  If the officer asks a second time and you still refuse to give identification it will be an arrestable offense, and the fine will increase to $2,500.00 plus 30 days to serve and 100 hours of community service.
Traveling in the left lane on highway will be a $1,000 fine.  Traveling in the left lane and impeding traffic will be a $2,500 fine.  A huge majority of people call the left lane the “passing lane” because that’s what it is.  The rest call it the “fast lane”.  No one calls it the travel lane.  I would call this the rude person law. I believe this causes so much road rage it should be dealt with.
I would have most driving offenses have hours of community service as part of the fine.  Due to financial restraints of some people, I would make community service as a way to pay off fines.

A problem that seems to get worse every day.  Having a sanctuary city seemed like a good idea on paper.
When you see the destruction this has caused you can’t help but wonder how this can be solved.  The problem is every homeless person is different.  Some have mental issues and should be in a setting where they can be helped and given the medication they need.  Some are drug addicts and need to be in a setting where they can get help.  Some have given up on life and don’t care that they are living on the streets.  And some have had financial hardship and have no one to help them.  All the homeless services are stretched financially and the ability to help the homeless is not possible with their current budgets.
Allowing the homeless to live on the streets anywhere causes a burden to the area’s tax base.  Between law enforcement, services provided and the loss of income to local businesses, the money can be spent getting them off the streets and where they need to be.
Another thing that confuses me is how we allow them to make their decisions.  We allow people who are mentally ill and need medication to make their decisions when we all know they are making the wrong decisions.  Drug addicts are making completely wrong decisions, yet we say they are able to do so because we can’t interfere with their decision making.  We know they are irresponsible yet we allow them to continue with making poor decisions so we don’t hurt their feelings.   Well, it can’t be sensible if it makes no sense.
I would make separate areas for each problem.  The mentally ill will have one where they can get the help they need.  The addicts will go to a treatment area where they can be evaluated and get the treatment they need.  People who don’t care if they are living on the street will have their own area.  Ones that want to work and take care of themselves will have their area where the services they need are available.
There are plenty of areas in each state where we can do this.  There are so many private individuals and companies that already have the system down.  We need to boost these services and network them better.  There are more than enough people that want to help, we just need to remove the red tape and the judicial system.
California Governor Newsom recently signed a bill that would allow them to place people with severe addiction or mental illness into treatment.  This would be Federal.

Recreational Marijuana
Marijuana will be legal.  A 10% federal tax and 15% state tax.
Legal marijuana will be the flower, hash, and normal vape.  Edibles will be for medical patients only.  Edibles are going to be our next big problem if we don’t address it now.  Flower gives you a head high while edibles give you a body high, which is completely different.  If you feel you have an argument about this, please don’t.  I can’t stand it when people try to argue a point that is completely wrong. (Chloe)
Doctors who give medical marijuana licenses to persons who do not qualify will be fined $25,000.00 for the first offense and revocation of their license to practice for a second offense.

Race and Religion
Another touchy subject and a perfect example where a small number of people can ruin something.  Everything that has happened in the past is over.  I wasn’t alive 100 year or 500 years ago.  I wouldn’t have slaughtered the Native Americans and I wouldn’t have owned slaves.  Neither did anyone in my family tree.  Unfortunately, there are some who can’t move forward.
When someone tells me they are being held down I tell them to go to school and learn something.  99% of the people that succeed in this country do it through education.  And then go to a place like the Tufts medical center in Boston, go to a large shopping center, go to a large law or accounting firm and see the diversity.  It’s everywhere.  Anyone who claims they can’t get ahead because of their race or religion would rather portray themselves as a victim than to use all that energy to advance themselves.  And succeeding doesn’t mean to be a multi-millionaire but to have a decent and comfortable life being a good person and neighbor.
Extremists and hate groups should be harshly dealt with.  Any person today that feels their race or religion is superior is just plain wrong.  If you are going to dislike someone, do it because they are jerks.
Freedom of speech should not extend to these groups or people.  Hate should not be rewarded or allowed.
Religion teaches people how to be a good person and how to be kind to others.  How someone can twist this into thinking they have to eradicate everyone who doesn’t follow their way is beyond me.
Race is your background and your culture.  All races have faced hardship at some point.  Some were worse than others.  People should embrace their culture and not the hardships.  Any person who feels their race is so superior that all others should just get up and leave the country is completely irrational and should be treated as so.

Crypto Currency
Let’s see.  I want to transfer my ill-gotten drug money, but the banks won’t let me.  So, I think I’ll set up my own illegal currency and do it that way.
Wow.  This must be the stupidest thing I have ever seen that has gotten this far.  How did they do it?  When the law started cracking down, they made it so all the regular folk could invest and make a little money.  Then it seemed ok because everyone was getting involved.  However, the illegal use of crypto is still there.  And the craziest thing is none of the money is backed by a credible government or banking system.  So many of these crypto companies have simply disappeared with billions of dollars.
I would give all crypto companies a short amount of time to align with a government or banking system that is TOTALLY TRANSPARENT, or they will be seized.
With the size of the Cartels and organized crime in general, any way to transfer their profits should be crushed.

AI: Artificial Intelligence
Really not sure yet what to say about this.  I kind of compare it to the internet.  A really good idea that can go horribly wrong.
If it is used to help people do their jobs or in everyday life, then I am for it.  If it is going to take people’s jobs, then I am against it.
Any use for illegal purposes will add 20 years to the sentence.
As if it can’t happen fast enough there is already AI porn.  And the downside, Law Enforcement is already investigating a case of child porn using AI and they don’t know what to do because there’s no law. Make the laws first.
 The Federal Government set up a program, NAIRR, to assist companies et al with R&D stuff for AI.  No problem.  However, not one word about how to minimize its use illegally.  And it is already being used illegally.  Every company that is in the AI field should have to pay into a pool for the misuse of AI, which is going to happen.  I suggest somewhere in the 5 trillion-dollar range.  This would also go towards setting up a government force to combat the criminal uses of AI.  I guarantee this is going to be the best and worst thing.  Crime on the internet is bad right now.  AI will give it super steroids.  This is the people that are involved in AI’s problem, not the taxpayers.

Rents and Landlords
Too many investors have been buying rental property strictly to make money.  A rental unit is only worth so much a month.  People living in rental units can only afford so much and still survive.  An apartment is someone's home. Investors have been raising the rents to make the most return they can.  Unfortunately, they are looking at it as an investment only and do not take into consideration the tenant.
When covid started it was a perfect time for everyone to look out for each other and help ease the pain.  Nope they kept raising the rents to levels the renters couldn’t afford.  Taking into consideration the utility prices, grocery prices, and gas prices raising the rents was pure greed.
Greed should never be rewarded.  I would freeze all rents for at least 3 years.
And this is my opinion, I would also make it so single-family homes would be owner occupied only.

Income Tax
Why is it so confusing?
$0-30,000.  No tax
$30,001 to $100,000.  10% tax
$100,001 to $250,000.  20% tax.
$250,001 to $1,000,000.  30% tax.
$1,000,001 to 5,000,000.  40% tax.
Over $5,000,000.  50% tax.
So, if you make $500,000 per year the first $30,000 is tax free. On the next $70,000 you would pay 10% tax.  On the next $150,000 you would pay 20% tax. On the final $250,000 you would pay 30% tax for a tax bill of approximately $112,000 before deductions.
Deductions will pretty much be education.
By making the filing simple you will have more agents to go after the people or corporations that are filing returns that are fraudulent or illegal.

The Internet
An awesome tool.  I would separate it into two areas.  An 18+ and a younger area.  They tried doing this a while ago.  Still can’t believe it didn’t go through.  I don’t think the people who produce porn should have a say in this.  We have age limits for a reason.
Illegally using the internet will add 20 years to the sentence.

Buyer Beware
Should never be.  If you are selling anything you are responsible for accurately describe the product and its overall condition.  If you are dishonest in doing this the fine will be 3 times the sale price of the product.  If you know nothing about it, then that will also be stated.
Too many scam artists out there.

Cell Phones, Smart Phones
Europe is doing it.  I would also make all chargers to be universal no matter the phone.  All items such laptops and tablets should also have the same chargers.  All power cords will also be universal.
Basically, any technology that is good for the consumer will be universally available no matter which company produces it.
Just me.  I sort of remember a time like 15+ years ago, when they passed something so all the phones would have universal chargers.  I thought I heard the phone companies found a loophole and it never happened.  Now I understand some information on the internet appears true but isn’t.  But if this is true, I would find a way to back fine them. What is good for the consumer will be the only motto.

Another thing in these modern times I can’t understand.  How they start and how they are fought.
Russia and Ukraine.  Do your research.  Russia didn’t attack the Ukraine out of the blue.  It shouldn’t have, but it did.
So you have Russia and Ukraine in a battle. On the outside you have NATO which consists of Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherland, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Türkiye, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Around that you have China, North Korea, Korea, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Vietnam, Serbia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, and the United Arab Emirates to name some.  So, of the 45 or so countries I’ve listed you are going to tell me they can’t all step up and end this? If not, then you really need some new leaders.
Same thing with Israel and Palestine.  Idiots.
We, and other countries, are all financially at least supporting one side or the other.  Why do we spend billions that turn into trillions when in the end we will spend trillions of dollars to repair the damage we spent trillions to create.  Sounds like a circle of “what the f”.  And these are the politicians we put our faith in.

I can’t say I am a social media person, but I am aware it is there.  Over the past year or so I have been exploring things like YouTube and TikTok.  I’ve noticed quite an eclectic array of opinions, some intelligent and thought out, others not so much.  However, they are opinions (opinion is not fact).
I noticed a good number of people were calling out bad behavior of others.  I especially like when they call out a member of the government for not doing or not knowing their job.  Simple questions that cannot be answered by a person we are paying to know the answer.
These types of videos show things that are wrong with the system, and they bring attention to things that can be changed.  However, what I have noticed is that they will show you the problem or what is going wrong, but they don’t give a solution or step in and start a solution.  Most of these video’s end with something like “we need a change”.  And they are right in that we do need some things changed.
And as I said at the start of this, the government does a lot of things right in keeping this country running.  But the things that need to change, need to change now.
And that is the reason I am running for the Presidency.  It is not because I want to, but because we need someone to. So many people see the problems and want fixes, but they don’t necessarily want to run for President.  And I can’t blame them.  Who would want to “inherit” this s-show? Well, I will.  And not for my own personal agenda but because I can hear the silent screams of the middle class of this country that just wants to live.
There are certain things that need to be fixed now.

Itsa Mitsa
I know there are some big things and some little things.  From what I hear people want the drugs and crime fixed or at least made livable.  The problem at the border is a big problem.  Healthcare, schools, and homelessness are right there.  Can they be fixed?  I say the way it is happening now, NO.  Some changes have to be made and then YES.
Hitting a couple of the big problems can help solve other problems.  I personally think the problem with gangs, drugs, and crime associated with gangs can be attacked quickly.  I feel the prison system can be changed quickly also.  I feel by changing the sentencing on certain crimes you will stop the cycle of arrest, arraign and release.
Politicians say, “you just can’t do that”?  What?  Supposedly the politicians are supposed to make laws and regulations to protect us.  So why is it so hard.
There are a few little things that I will address later.  Like Greed.
Olympics.  No more pro athletes.  Play fair or don’t go.
Pro sports.  Free broadcasting of all games.  It’s a game.  If the owner of a team wants to pay the guy that throws the ball $40,000,000 a season, then he can pay it.  I would have 5% of the tickets go to charities that work with children and 25% of the tickets be affordable to the working class in the area.
Carbon Capture.  No taxpayer money whatsoever.  If they want to use our money, then we will own 51% of the company or corporation.
All companies, corporations, businesses, individuals will be 100% above board on ownership and who is responsible for what activities.  Shell corporations, offshore accounts, and the like will all be transparent, or they are seized.
All crypto currencies will be 100% transparent or seized.
National Parks.  Huge fines, community service, and jail time for offenses.  You go off the path, $10,000 fine and 500 hours of community service.  If you go near an animal, $10,000 fine, 1,000 hours of community service, and 6 months to serve.  If you touch an animal or go into sensitive areas, $100,000 fine and 2 years to serve. And I don’t care if you’re Pierce Bronson. Your tax money pays to protect these parks, the animals, and the ecosystem. Let the dum dums pay.
No Presidential or Governor pardons especially when they are leaving office.  No need to explain.
I am not running for President, WE are.
A vote for me is a vote for us.

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I kept going back and forth between Trump and Biden.  Thankfully John came along.  So perfectly in the middle.  I don't agree with some things but I agree with more than I do with the other two.  Never thought I would be for the death penalty until I saw the numbers.

— Someone